Types Of Lace Wig Glue

Are there many different types of lace wig glues? Yes, and each has its pros and cons. You can choose the right lace wig glue depending on your hair needs and budget. Here, you will learn the list of lace wig glues available.

Water-Based:  Sensitive skin may benefit more from the water-based lace wig glue.A water-based adhesive’s main advantage is its easy application and removal. It secures the wig in its position without creating any mess. The lace wig glue is hypoallergenic as it has zero or few harmful chemicals. You can easily remove the glue with water or some water-based remover. Following proper skin care, the water-based lace wig glue doesn’t clog pores. The only drawback is it has less hold compared to solvent-based adhesives. So, if you plan to wear the wig for a long time, you better avoid the water-based glue.

Solvent-Based: Most people looking for lace wig adhesives choose solvent-based ones. The solvent-based adhesives exhibit a stronghold. It helps fix both lace front and full lace wigs in their place. You can swim or drench in water without fearing a falling wig. You can also use solvent-based glue if you are doing some high-performance activities like dancing or sports. The lace wig glue holds your wig for a long time. But the chemicals in the glue can cause allergic reactions. So do a patch test first, and also avoid using the lace wig glue often.

Tapes: Wig tapes have glue on both sides. It’s the best option for beginners. Stick the tape on your forehead and wherever you need it. Now place the wig above the tape and press it to the glue. It gives a natural look. Tapes are very easy to use, and they have little side effects. It provides a strong hold and is easy to remove and clean the skin. Most brands offer medical-grade tapes, so there is no worry of itching or other skin conditions. But they can pull off the original hair if it sticks to them accidentally.

Liquid-Based: Tape adhesives fit in the place you want. But when it comes to liquid-based bonds, they can run down and cause a mess. You can quickly fix the wig with tape-based wig glue. But liquid adhesives take time. Yet liquid adhesives like the UOG lace wig glue are much safer. They have the best technologies, so the bond is hypoallergenic and easy to apply and remove. Moreover, it lasts longer than tapes and other lace wig glue on the market and doesn’t peel off skin or block pores.

Cost Difference: Tapes and the sub-standard lace wig glue cost you less. Go for the top range if you want a stronghold lace wig glue. Make sure the ingredients are safer. The UOG lace wig glue is one of the best in the market. It is affordable and also provides a stronghold without any allergic reactions. If you are looking for short-time use, like for a performance in a drama or Halloween costume, you can go for the low-price wig tapes and water-based lace wig adhesives.

We hope the detailed information will help you choose the lace wig glue that will suit your needs. Follow us for more updates on lace wig glue and hair styling with wigs.

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